Review: Forbidden Desires by Marina Anderson

forbidden desiresReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Lewis James had popped the question to Harriet in the previous novel, Dark Secret and she had reluctantly accepted his marriage proposal. After the success of his movie Dark Secret, Lewis has come up with another idea for Forbidden Desires, his next movie. It is going to be about her husband and his newly wedded wife, and for it to work, he has brought in some more people; the handsome and enigmatic Edmund, who he knows Harriet fancies, and Noelle his voluptuous wife. The question is, will Harriet fall for Edmund, and unleash all her forbidden desires for another man, or sill she resist the temptation?

Review: Lewis has already bet Edmund that she can’t resist his good looks and daring personality. Edmund has already tired of Noelle, and looks for someone else to fill the void his life has become; obviously in this it proves that having beauty and a voluptuous body can’t keep a man in love with you for long. A man like Edmund needs more to keep him interested, and so far Noelle hasn’t been interesting enough.

As the story continues, Harriet believes Lewis is more interested in the making of his movie than in his wife; in fact she wonders why he married her in the first place as he confesses to her in bed that he would have affairs even when married to her. Lewis is a cold, calculating man who likes to push people to the brink of insanity, but who doesn’t like it if his calculations are off about situations he has put his characters in. As we noticed in Dark Secret, his calculations don’t always go as planned, and in this he will have to be strong if he is to keep his wife.

In a rented house in Cornwall, Lewis puts his notion of faithfulness to the test. It is an unusual tale, but a thrilling one that makes for questioning your own ideals of right and wrong. You realise that Lewis is only concerned with his work as a film director, Noelle has a tainted past, but is more honest than the others, while Edmund is a control freak in bed, and that comes across in the sexually charged scenes between him and Noelle. The nub of the story is how far would Lewis be prepared to go to let his new wife gain new heights of pleasure with other men for the sake of his new movie’s success.

As in Dark Secret, the handsome Lewis was married to Rowena, a former Hollywood starlet who is now past her prime, and had to watch as her husband cavorted with Harriet, her new PR. In Forbidden Desires, the rules are reversed, and the story turns into another summer sizzler.

Rating: ★★★★★

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