Review: The Education of Victoria by Angela Meadows

The Education of VictoriaReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: In Victorian times ladies were supposed to be refined, courteous and discreet with their affections for other men, but as far as Victoria is concerned, she is different from the norm. Having been seen with the stable boy, her father is at his wits end and sends her to the Venice School for Young Ladies where she is forced to be taught how to act like a genteel young lady.

Review: Just when her father thinks this will be her education, Victoria gets to the school and the school turns out to be different in every way from what he thought – instead of the Venice school, it is in fact the Venus school for girls where they learn about everything to do with sexual education. How to kiss, caress, use fellatio, and know the ins and outs of full sex. She will find out how to give pleasure to others and get pleasure herself using the other pupils and teachers as a basis for her education.

Good Bits:

  • This book can be regarded and used as a sex manual
  • It sounds like a new version of Fifty Shades, but with the difference of it being set in a school

Bad Bits:

  • As it includes sadomasochism in great detail, it might not appeal to all readers

Summary: It is a case of giving this novel a chance rather than thinking of it as a kinky read as it is well written with interesting sexual scenes and fun dialogue in places.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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