Audio Review: The Way You Look Tonight (The Sullivans, Book 9) by Bella Andra

the way you look tonightReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Audible Audio Edition
Version: Unabridged
Listening Length: 7 hours, 3 minutes
Narrated By: Eva Kaminsky

Rafe Sullivan owns an investigation firm. Brooke Jansen makes sweets – I love her already (where’s smell-a-vision when you need it). Rafe and Brooke are old family friends. And our setting is a lake where they would spend summers with family.

Ms. Kaminsky does a great job of narrating Bella’s book. She has the type of voice that just seems to make you think of the Sullivan family. I found myself closing my eyes so that I could concentrate on the scenes that Eva was painting. By having someone read to me, the book seemed to go by more quickly.

I wasn’t feeling good on the day I was listening to this book and it made me realize that this actually worked in my favor. You don’t seem to want to read on those types of days and this is a great alternative. It brings more life to what is written on paper.

The more I listened to this narrator, the more I realized that I would search out other books that she is a part of. She just seems to have the right type of voice and you don’t get bored listening to her. When she got to chapter five, I got curious about something and decided to play with it and see what would happen. I found that I could control the speed of how fast our narrator is telling the story. This is not a book that you would want to have Eva talking faster. The speed I’m listening at seems just right – it makes it sound sexy.

This would be a perfect book, and medium, to bring on vacation – especially if you’re going to the beach. It reminded me of when my family vacationed at Lake Sebago. You could put your earphones in and just sit back and recline in your beach chair or on your towel and let Eva take you away and fall in love with Rafe and Brooke’ story.

The only difference between an audiobook and reading this book is that you can’t really listen to music. You could probably try some nice instrumental music but you don’t want to have anything that will distract you from Eva’s voice – you don’t want any distractions.

This is a great way to experience Bella’s series. If you’ve never read one of her books, why not try one this way. I didn’t have a good experience with the first audiobook that I listened to and I’m glad to say that with both the right author and narrator, I’m ready to listen to my next book. Being adventurous is a good thing because I may have missed out on a great audiobook otherwise.

Rating: ★★★★★

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