Opinion and Poll: Secondary Character Romances

I intensely dislike secondary character romances stealing page time from the main couple. In my opinion, secondary characters and their romances should only take center stage in their own romances.

Do you feel the same way or am I alone in this? Most of the reviews I read on books have readers raving about the other couple. Do you ever see the opposite? I can’t say that I see it often.

I understand why they’re part of the genre. Authors create new romances from these characters and sell more and future books. These books become parts of trilogies and series. And, I probably will like one or more of the books in the collection, but still it grates on me.

So why do I hate these upstarts?

  1. The upstaging usually happens only in book one, creating almost equal page time for both pairings. I picked up the book to read about the couple on the blurb, so give me that. Thank you very much.
  2. One of the secondary characters is most likely an annoying sibling. I don’t see the appeal.
  3. If the secondary couple is better on the page than the main, then I have to ask why was the main couple written?

My one exception this aversion seems to be romances set up more like Georgette Heyer’s and Jane Austen’s works. I think because I expect it then.

Over to you – what do you think?

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