Review: Bare It All (Love Undercover, Book 2) by Lori Foster

bare it allReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Alice Appleton is the stuff of wet dreams for Reese Bareden. Even though they are our main characters, we have two other stories going on as well. Lori makes all these stories flow seamlessly together. The reader won’t get confused as to what character we’re reading about but I did, however, wish I had read book one first. I think you will understand more about the characters if you read Run the Risk first.

As you read this book, if you haven’t read book one, Logan and Pepper’s story, you will want to change that. Plus, Lori has me wanting to know more about how they ended up as a couple. I know that I want to get it read because I want to get ready for book three, Getting Rowdy, which will be out in September. Rowdy is a character that seems to be full of himself – he feels that he’s God’s gift to women.

Lori’s great about giving her readers the type of alpha male that has a tough exterior but when it comes to their women their just “an old softie” and very protective at the same time. In all the books I’ve read of hers, there isn’t one male character that I haven’t loved. The men may “beat their chests” but they still end up finding love with the right woman.

If you’re an animal person, you will be happy to see that there is a dog in this piece. Cash just seems to steal any scene he’s in. But then I get a little melancholy thinking of my own little baby. I used to love curling up with her as I read my books. This is a great book to cuddle up with something or someone as you fall in love with Alice and Reese.

Lori also surprises me as I get toward the end of the story, and all the suspense seems to be wrapping up – I start laughing. And I find that all I can say is “way to go Alice”. You will notice that this is a long book but the pages go by so quickly – I couldn’t believe how fast the end came.

As I was doing some research on Lori, she has connected this series with some characters from her “Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor” series. If you have not read any of that series, go to, and you will be able to find what books are related.

Rating: ★★★★½

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