Review: Bloodmoon Cove Spirits (Bound Spirits, Book 1) by Karen Wiesner

Karen Wiesner bound spiritsReviewed by Sandra Scholes

The cover of this book is quite a spooky one, as it contains all the hurt, anger, and fear that one woman had in her past, and still has later on in her life as Esme Dumas. Esme is a woman who has escaped being imprisoned in a basement without heat and light which are normal, everyday things most people take for granted. In those days she only had books to keep her occupied, and since her escape, she never thought she would find someone who was like her.

Esme comes to Bloodmoon Cove to shed her past, and find work. She sees it as peaceful and picturesque, and if she can get rid of the troubles her past had given her, she feels she can make a new start for herself. John Kotter, the Park Ranger of Bloodmoon Cove takes an interest in her and senses she has a terrible secret past in the same way he has.

Like a lot of Karen’s novels, this one contains the aspects of human cruelty, such as murder, bullying, and hatred. Esme has been a victim of kidnapping when she was young and her isolation had made it difficult for her to make friends with others and trust people in general. John is a lot like her and understands what she has been going through as his parents past wasn’t exactly a good one either. John feels like a failure, and had once decided to move away from Bloodmoon Cove to start a new life away from it all, hoping to forget his old life. The problem is, the people in Bloodmoon Cove have their own ideas about what residents should do, and how they should live, which doesn’t exactly make John want to stay, yet he doesn’t want to abandon the work his father and grandfathers did for the Cove.

The way John discovers Esme is quite touching, and as she is a mix of scared and relieved at the sight of John, he can only bring himself to help her rather than tell her to leave – he has been brought up to be a better man than to tell a frightened young woman to leave. They both see in each other a need, and their love arises from that.


  • The urban legend of Harrity Skaritty and his Demon Dog.
  • The love between Esme and John starts out slow but their love is true and precious.
  • Readers will like the paranormal element that runs through the story as it’s scary enough.
  • John discovers Esme in the most unusual of circumstances, and instantly wants to give her a chance at a new life.


  • Its a bit slow moving, but overall a good read.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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