Review: Breaking Nova (Nova, Book 1) by Jessica Sorensen

breaking novaReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: We all have dreams, but for Nova Reed, they can be all you have. Nova wants to be a famous drummer and get wedded to her lover, but now she sees this as an impossible dream which turns into nothing more than a nightmare – that is until she meets Quinton Carter.

Quinton sees Nova as a way of getting his life back, of thinking that he could be happy again, but his dark past could come back to haunt them both. Quinton has done things in his past he is not proud of and he’s got the tattoos to prove it, but with Nova in his life, is he worthy of a second chance or will Nova not accept him and his chequered past?

Review: Breaking Nova’s chapters have the names of the characters above showing who is thinking or speaking at any given time. As it is written from the first person perspective, readers get to know what lies deep inside the hearts of these different people. Both Nova and Quinton have had similar experiences, Nova’s former boyfriend died and she feels sadness from it while Quinton feels he had caused the deaths of two of his friends, something he can never get over until he meets Nova. After his parents disown him, he boards with Tristan and his friends – this is when he first meets Nova. Nova has felt the despair of having someone then losing them, and the feeling of loneliness. Her finding another man is the last thing on her mind, she never wants another relationship to have the same kind of loss again. Talking to him for the first time has her see her former lover in him and something click inside her that passes for affection. As Quinton intends to only get himself right, get a job, be able to pay the rent and get his life back together after throwing it all away on drug binges, he has another chance with Nova.

Good Bits:

  • A short excerpt of the second book in the series: Saving Quinton
  • Quinton thinks Nova must be a car while high
  • Nova and Quinton are perfect for each other
  • This book is ideal for older teen to adults as it concerns these themes

Summary: Sorensen cleverly eases the reader into the story, introducing her characters then working her magic giving us the pieces to put back together. This is the tale of love that brings two unlikely people together who never intended to find true love again after the pain of loss. There is a lot of drug use in this novel, but it ties in with the idea that the both of them act as delinquents at the beginning. Jessica Sorensen has written three different series of novels; The Ella and Micha series, The Callie and Kayden series and the Breaking Nova series. I look forward to reading the rest in the series to find out more on these intriguing characters.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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