Review: Darius (Lonely Lords, Book 1) by Grace Burrowes

darius grace burrowesQuick Synopsis: Virgin wife needs to be knocked up in order to keep inheritance when elderly husband dies. Stud in need of money accepts old man’s contract to seduce his wife and get her pregnant. They fall in love.

Hero: Darius Lindsey no longer enjoys being the “male mistress” (closer to gigolo) to the unhappy, bitter, callous women of the ton. He has needed to continue in the role due to finances, his father having cut him off, but Darius doesn’t pursue it because he likes it. So when an elderly Lord William Longstreet asks him to impregnate his wife and pay him handsomely for it, Darius sees it as a way to escape the clutches of a pair of women who are making his life hell. He doesn’t expect to like the man’s wife and then he falls for her…

Heroine: Lady Vivian (Vivie) wants a child, but she never thought she’d get one like this. She also understands her husband’s motives. She gave her husband a list of gentlemen she’d pick and her husband picked Darius from the list. With two people to watch out for in her life – her step-father,Thurgood Ainsworthy – and her husband’s illegitimate son’s wife, Portia – Vivian is going to need strength. Darius teaches her how to find it and makes sure she is ready to protect their child.

Review: Grace Burrowes is a compelling author. I love her books. I loved Darius and I loved the setup of a man purposefully cuckolding himself in order to protect the wife after he died. That was pretty sexy… of course the husband wasn’t in love with the wife (and he was way old, grandpa old) but married her to save her from her step-father’s schemes after his wife died. Still it was admirable. I loved the month interlude between Vivie and Darius, very engaging, quite sexy, and it smoldered. However Darius continuing to service the two jaded bisexual ladies, Lucy and Blanche, after he returned to London at the conclusion of the month with Vivie was not. He was incapable of standing up for himself, which was not at all admirable and it made me question his ability to care for Vivie in the future. He does eventually redeem himself, thank goodness especially because he was adamant Vivie be strong for their child. When he finally took his own advice I was very happy. All-in-all the book is beautiful and emotionally rich.

Rating: ★★★★½

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