Review: Dark Secret by Marina Anderson

dark secretReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: After ending her engagement with her lover James, Harriet Radcliffe finds there is more to life than her busy job and even her boring boyfriend, so, after a chat with her friend, Ella, she suggests it’s time to change her career prospects seeing as she has nothing to lose. It’s not that James was inconsiderate in bed, he made sure she was satisfied but the monotony of her relationship made her scream – eventually, and that’s not a bad thing. She thinks if she an advert for a PR job with a famous actress who is living in London, things might get better.

Review: In the same vein as the Fifty Shades of Gray books, Rowena and Lewis take on the beautiful Miss Radcliffe, and it starts to sound like the perfect little arrangement for her, but is it, and is Rowena the sort of woman who likes to have a pretty girl around her when she is already getting older and less desirable.

Marina Anderson has given us her steamiest romp since Haven of Obedience and Forbidden Desires. Harriet is unsure of what she wants to do with her life until she really thinks hard on what her life would be like if she became a live-in PR for a famous actress. The main characters are introduced easily, the plot eases us into their fast paced life and risks and doesn’t disappoint. Ella sounds like the sort of friend you would want to have around as she is great to talk to, while Harriet is the sort of girl who needs help as she reflects an ordinary women’s need to change her life from the humdrum one she has been used to for too long. For all her naïveté, Harriet could be no more clueless while we find out what she plans for her, and it isn’t PR in the normal sense, it’s much more than that.

The intriguing thing about this story is the distinction made by people outside Rowena’s relationship with her husband. Lewis is handsome, and without doubt a real catch, but she seems to need more than just him to fulfil her sexually, just as Harriet needs a man different to her former boyfriend. Rowena in turn moans about her sexual needs not being “novel.” The feeling is that Harriet is about to be set up in some way, and as the story develops, so does her interest in Lewis.

Saucy bits:

  • There is plenty of sex and sexual tension in this novel – be prepared.
  • Rowena’s relationship with Lewis isn’t enough for Rowena even though he is considered a hunk by other women including Ella.
  • Harriet has no idea what to expect from her new job, but what Rowena has in mind will amaze her.
  • Lewis is making a film and as the story unfolds so does Rowena’s terrible secret, as it is one that could tear them apart.

Marina’s writing is part serious, thrilling and part comedic. It’s a honest portrayal of life both in private and in the public eye as part of the movie industry today. Though this is an original idea, there are some similarities to Jackie Collins that have to be savoured.

Rating: ★★★★★

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