Review: Darling Jenny (Americana, Book 50) by Janet Dailey

darling jennyHero: I picked up this book because I loved what the back blurb had to say:

But Logan was not a man to be defied. He kept saying, ‘In the end, Jenny Glenn, you will yield.’

Hot. I like alpha heroes. Logan is pretty great too – dominating, enigmatic, and tender. Perfect mix.

Heroine: Jenny was singled out from other secretaries and promoted to being the boss’s gal. Then she got together with her boss. Only to discover he’s a sleaze. She feels like she can’t go back to the office and can’t go home, so she runs to her sister who lives states away. She sees her sister being all chummy with her boss, Logan, and decides to intervene. (Without of course, discussing anything with her sister, because Jenny knows best.)

Review: The heroine was a stereotypical female archetype (AKA the BRAT – yes, all caps) that would be great friends with a Too Stupid To Live (TSTL) heroine. If Jenny existed in real life, I’d have to leave whenever she showed up, because she’s so grating. She is too immature to handle being in a relationship. And she’s certainly not an authority on relationships. She judged all men by one man from her past and then made a series of assumptions and judgment calls that were all wrong regarding her sister and the hero. Logan must have patience and tolerance in spades, spades I tell you. She’s a character that should be taken over the knee.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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