Review: Dirty Teacher by Harley Baker

dirty teacher harley bakerReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: For Linda Moore, sex is something she doesn’t get much of as she considers herself undesirable to the opposite sex, but that is before she meets Zac. Linda is a kind woman who wants to do her bit to help others learn more than they could in a society that doesn’t like drop outs and the sort of kids she teaches every day. Her main annoyance is her urge to help these kids versus the fact she’s exhausted all the time when she comes home from work. Zac Jones is the sort of man every woman wants, he is attentive, handsome and kind – it could be said he is the best she could ever want, but her only problem is the fact he is 19 and a student at the college she works at as a teacher.

Review: You might recall I previously reviewed Harley’s other story, Two Friends and a Bartender. I liked it, and wanted to read more from what I would call a new author who specialises in erotic works. Like the previous story, this one is set into several chapters too even though it’s the same length. This makes it easier to read as you can separate the blocks of text. I liked Linda, she’s a teacher, and let’s face it, we all hated them when we were at school, but she thinks what we would be thinking if we took her class every day for a whole year with the same drop out students. She wants to make a difference to the world, but knows she might not even make a dent with the heavy work load she has plus the student most girls would swoon at who has his eye on her. What is a girl to do? Linda’s history with men isn’t so good, her previous boyfriend resented her for being at work most of the time, and she feels as though she is getting older an hating the thought that soon she might be past her prime. She sees everyone else at college as being lucky not having to go home and grade papers, but lucky for her – she soon has a young man who could love her for who she is.

Good bits:

  • Linda is a kind-hearted gal, so she gets a hot guy for her troubles!
  • Zac smoulders on the pages and acts like the bad boy you can imagine.
  • The story is well paced and fun.

Bad bits:

  • The story can be seen as a might unrealistic with Linda risking her career for a fling.

Final Thoughts: This was another short but sweet story from Harley, and taken on a purely fantasy basis, reads nice and steamy, just the way I like it, but if this were true, a career woman like Linda wouldn’t risk her job for a fling with a young man like him, even though there are many who have made the mistake, Linda knows the rules and what she’s risking and she doesn’t care. Other than this, I liked the build-up and the character development on such a short story – it’s well done and has what I would call a happy ending for now.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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