Review: Drifters Heart (Cowboy Fever, Book 6) by Karen Wiesner

drifter's heartReviewed by Sandra Scholes

We’re back in Fever, Texas again for another in the Cowboy Fever Series of novels. Maggie May’s father is constantly looking for the man who got his dear daughter pregnant five years before, Ryder Mc Call. Her son, Tex hasn’t ever had a father, but that doesn’t stop him being considered one of the best kids on the ranch. He does seem to take after his father though as he’s always running away and hiding from others, but maybe that’s the kid in him. Maggie thinks she will never see her lover again until he comes back to the ranch. As soon as she sets eyes on him, she decides she will capture his heart and keep him forever, but will it be that easy?

Karen, as we have come to know likes to throw in a little despair with her characters, whether it’s a jilted lover, accident that is life-changing or someone who has been gone for a while and never thought to come back into the women’s or men’s lives. The despair doesn’t last for long though thankfully as the characters for the most part have a deep belief system in God throughout each novel. In this novel’s case, we get to hear a harrowing account of how hard it was for Maggie to go through the transitional period of becoming pregnant, to giving birth and having to cope with bringing him up practically alone. She finds her body is changing in ways she thought it wouldn’t, her bladder isn’t what it was when she was younger, and now she finds she is going to the toilet more and more frequently. This change gets in the way of her continuing her life on the ranch, but she still lives in hope that her luck might change and her lover might come back. As I have said before, faith is one of the reasons Karen’s characters seem to get what they want as they are unfailing in their belief that their life might turn around.

Regarding Tex as her Cupid, she never once wants to get rid of the baby as she wants him more than ever now that her lover has left her in this predicament. She did love Ryder, but knew he was a cowboy in the traditional sense. She would never have thought he would have left her alone to cope with their baby though, but maybe he didn’t love her as much as she loved him. There are a few endearing parts of this story; Maggie started out a virgin even if all men’s eyes were on her while she worked at the ranch, and that had shocked him. She expected more from the man she had take her maidenhead, but what did she expect from a cowboy, after all she got to spend a night with him and made love to him. Somehow it was never enough for her as she would rather have brought up their son with him than with her parents. She can feel what they had thought of her and how Ryder had left her, and Maggie often believed they thought she was a fool.

I liked the feel of this novel, Maggie acts like any pregnant mother would, wanting her lover to come back to her if only to prove her parents wrong about him.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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