Review: Eighty Days Amber (Eighty Days Companion, Book 1) by Vina Jackson

Eighty Days AmberReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Luba, a Russian dancer fell for a rare amber dealer who was dashing and handsome, yet dangerous and would leave her for long periods of time. When he called her, however, he would expect her to come running when he needed her. She couldn’t help but feel love for him, but when she finds out his secret, she has to flee Russia or face dire consequences.

Review: I remember liking Eighty Days White, but I knew why as I could identify with the characters and the kind of music that was in it. With Eighty Days Amber, it is back in the territory of Eighty Days Yellow, where the heroine is trying to find solace in a new land away from all the problems associated with Russia. Luba is a strong enough character who does her best to come to terms with her problems and try to make a new life as a dancer in America. She has help from some of the characters readers may remember from Vina Jackson’s previous novels.

Just about every woman has the ability to fall for a man who isn’t any good for her, and this is what Luba has done, and she knows what the consequences are of trusting anyone. She finds it hard through the novel to trust people even the ones she calls friends later on, but sooner or later she realizes she must trust those who deserve it or risk doubting her new life forever.

Good bits:

  • The meeting at the Groucho Club
  • The introduction to the story – it’s a real gripper!

Bad bits:

  • None

Summary: This is a fun, exciting novel about one woman’s life changing rather fast. It is similar to her other novels, Eighty Days White, Eighty Days Yellow, and Eighty Days Blue, but there is a honesty in how she writes that separates this one from the last. If you like the Fifty Shades novels, this will come as a nice surprise with its sensuality and unmasked kink.

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