Review: Eighty Days White (Eighty Days Companion, Book 2) by Vina Jackson

Eighty Days whiteReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Lily needs something to fill her empty life as her desires are waiting to be unleashed on the right man, but finds it is harder than it seems. She loves her music, and wants to change the course of her life as it isn’t what she wants. when she moves to London, Liana tells her about a new world of passion and adventure where she meets Leonard and Dagur the drummer with a rock band, acclaimed photographer Grayson and his partner, She.

Though she has found she can enjoy her new life in London, she still realises she has much more to enjoy but only if she is able to accept who she really is.

Review: Eighty Days White spends a lot of its time with the authors name dropping favourite rock stars and rock bands like Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd with the characters smoking endless joints and partying hard. Thirty – three pages in, Liana takes Lily into a bondage den, opening her eyes to the fetish scene where men and women wear latex and rubber sparingly, and spank each other into a stupor. I liked this one, unlike Eighty Days Yellow as I could understand the rock band references, and the characters more than before.

Lily meets several men, but they don’t attract her until she meets Leonard, after he came to the shop she worked at to sell his late wife’s violin. Once the sale has gone through, she had sent him an email about the purchaser, and they began to correspond which leads them to have an affair. Lily finds out what makes him the man he is, and she finds she loves him despite the age gap and his dislike of The Clash. A fleeting moment in a hotel room before he leaves the capital is all it takes to make her want him more.

Lily doesn’t go for younger men, even if she’s young. She goes for men like Leonard who are more mature. She likes the experiences they have gone through and she thinks he will be amazing between the sheets. She is right about him, but he is captivated more by her beauty:

“Oh God, Lily, the things you do to a man…” and the unforgettable: “Oh, Lily,” he said as he kissed me goodbye. “What am I going to do with you?”

Good bits:

  • The hotel room scene with Lily and Leonard
  • The bondage club – has to be seen to be believed
  • Their dinner at the Chinese restaurant

Bad bits:

  • Takes a while to get started with the main story.

Summary: Her problem with him is that he is much older than her, and not the sort of man her parents would accept as she wants to have him as her life partner. Eighty Days White is sensual, captivating and delicious to read.

Vina Jackson is the pseudonym for two authors who have worked with each other. One is an author, the other a published writer who works in the square mile. Together they have written other novels Eighty Days Yellow, Eighty Days Blue, Eighty Days Red, and Eighty Days Amber.

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