Review: Eighty Days Yellow by Vina Jackson

eighty days yellowReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: For Summer Zahova her relationship with her current boyfriend is proving strained, and she concentrates on her music to keep her content at least. She plays her violin on the London underground, but when it gets broken by drunken football fans passing by, Summer thinks it will take her ages to be able to have the money to replace it – that is until she gets an email from Dominik, a professor who offers to get her a new violin, but only if she will play for him at a concert of his choosing.

Story: Summer isn’t happy with her current boyfriend, Darren. It’s obvious that their relationship has soured since they started living together. He doesn’t like how she listens to Vivaldi – naked and doesn’t like the loudness either – worrying about what the neighbours will think of them in the morning. She feels she only has her music to take her mind off her failed relationship, and the fact she no longer has a violin to busk with out in the underground anymore.

Dominic found out her plight after her disaster outside Tottenham Court Road Station. He reads all about it in the local newspaper and recognises her photo when he goes to look her up on Facebook. On her page he sees her beauty, framed by her bright red hair. Instantly she fires a passion in him that makes him want to write her:

“Dear Summer Zahova,

I was most sorry to hear of your ordeal. I am a great admirer of your musicianship, and to ensure you are able to continue your practice. I am willing to gift you with a new violin. Are you willing to accept my challenge and my terms?”

Review: Needless to say, Summer accepts his offer, thinking she has nothing to lose, but once she has an affair with the professor, it is only then she knows how much of herself she will lose. The idea for this novel is a decent on and as part of a trilogy it could have been better thought out. I found it a little far fetched that an ordinary New Zealand girl could have a musicians name like Zahova, yet she busks around London and surprisingly gets plucked out of obscurity by a naughty professor. Fiction is fiction, but it should at least be somewhat believable. Classical music being the driving force of the story, as well as the raunchy sex will be a draw for some readers who like classical music, but not all as it will only have a limited audience.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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