Review: Fall From India Place (On Dublin Street, Book 4) by Samantha Young

fall from india placeReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: No other man would ever be for Hannah Nichols like Marco D’Alessandro. He’s muscular, handsome and always left her yearning for more. But when she gives herself up to her desires one night, he leaves her the day after for good without giving a reason. Hurt by his leaving her, she has trouble making new friends and can’t find a new man even though she isn’t attached. This is due to what Marco did to her in the past. Knowing he had done wrong and hurt her so badly, Marco returns to try and get Hannah back, stopping at nothing to be with her.

Review: From the start Samantha establishes Hannah has a confident and educated character who sorts out the conflict she feels as an Adult Literacy Tutor. Hannah has a good life teaching, she feels as though what she does matters to others as well as her, but she also looks back to eight years ago when she was a school girl bullied by Jenks and his gang when her knight in shining armour comes to her rescue – Marco. She fell in love with him at first sight and the pain of her loss makes it harder for her to find another to replace him even though her friends like Suzanne think she is foolish for turning men down. There’s angst, loathing and heartache in this novel, but you can’t help but laugh with the funny bits. Where Marco is constantly where Hannah is and she tries her hardest to ignore him and finds she is losing the battle. He tempts her until her defences are broken, then the book starts to get really interesting.

Good bits:

  • Hearing about “The Hannah Tease.”
  • Marco’s favourite song.
  • Hannah’s favourite movie and book.
  • It’s comical, insightful and funny.

Summary: Samantha Young is a writer with a decent number of novels under her belt; On Dublin Street, Down London Road, Castle Hill and Before Jamaica Lane. I liked the book’s cover of Hannah gazing out of her window on a moonlit night, the world hers to reclaim if she wants, and she could too. The writing is honest, almost biographical and it comes with its own intrigue. After reading this, it would be a shame not to read the others.

Rating: ★★★★½

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