Review: Forbidden (World of Nightwalkers, Book 1) by Jacquelyn Frank

forbidden jacquelyn frankReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Docia Waverly has what appears to be a loving, and joking, relationship with her brother Jackson. Hers was an interesting introduction to the reader – Jacquelyn certainly grabbed my attention. In that intro, she has an otherworldly experience. In this New Year, our author has me wondering what would we do if we were in Docia’s situation.

Rami’s first meet and greet with Docia is interesting and not to be missed. Their interaction will have you smiling. Docia won’t put up with anyone giving her any shit, which is great to see. I always love when a couple doesn’t immediately love each other and where one has to warm up to the other.

Make sure to read this book first if you want to stay true to the series. Even though this is Docia’s story, you see the beginnings of Jackson’s story as well. I happened to read Forever first, and so much more makes sense now that I’ve read book one.

One thing that’s a little different with this book is that Jacquelyn has created a special needs character. You will need to decide if he is good or bad. This is not something that we see too often but I applaud her for being so imaginative to think to even do that with one of her characters. And besides that, she adds in a Djynn character, SingSing – folks, she steals every scene she is in. She’ll just make you laugh and I’m hoping she’ll continue to make appearances.

I’ve been following this author’s work since her Shadowdwellers series. She’s an author that will not disappoint. You will find this Nightwalkers series is another must read series especially if you love paranormals.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Damien by Jacquelyn Frank 2008 Paperback

Damien by Jacquelyn Frank 2008 Paperback

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