Review: Forty2 Days (The Billionaire Banker, Book 2) by Georgia Le Carre

forty2Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: In the first novel, Lana Bloom caught the eye of billionaire Blake Law Barrington, but used him for his immense wealth, never thinking that she would ever fall for him – she was out to protect her mother, getting her the money she needed for her expensive treatment, yet when she ran away from him and the amazing lifestyle she never thought she would grow accustomed to, and hurt Blake terribly. Now that she is back in his troubled life, he wants her to feel the hurt and disappointment he felt at losing her and does the only thing he can – he makes her suffer – in bed!

Review: Love conquers all…or at least that is what Lana has always thought, but Blake Law Barrington might take more convincing that she really loves him. A lot has happened since the first novel, and what we discover is quite surprising. Lana, since she has run from Blake has had a child to him, Sorab, and so far has kept that truth from him as if he finds out, he might want to take him from her. As she has come back to continue her life in the place she has grown accustomed to, it is only a matter of time before she runs into the heart-stopping Blake Law Barrington. Though Blake sees that Lana had done wrong, he still has a special part of his heart for her despite Victoria ruining everything by trying to come between them.

Wealth isn’t all it is cracked up to be and Lana wants Blake to see the truth of being powerful, handsome and wealthy – even he couldn’t have everything he wanted, not with her at first, but things can change…but not until she also sees the error of her ways. Blake wants to punish her, make her his again, but can he trust her not to run away again – this time with his child? He believes that she left him due to having the money she wanted, so he feels she didn’t love him at all, but was another money-grabbing woman. The sort he knew existed most of the time. He does, however have her keep her end of the bargain and have her stay with him for the rest of the 42 days as per the contract she signed with him – so he can make her feel all the pain he did when she left. Blake feels every kind of pain imaginable too as over the past year of her absence he has grown cruel and sceptical that love even exists.

Good Bits:

  • The sexual interplay between the characters is great
  • Lana trying to convince Blake she actually loves him.
  • You’ll love the last few chapters!

Summary: Most romance stories don’t have the mystery and intrigue that this one seems to have running through it. I was surprised at the darkness of the interplay between both Lana and Blake as they think only they exist in this world of love, even though at first it isn’t romantic love, it’s more like grudge sex and how Blake makes her feel unworthy of his affections even though deep down he loves her very much and wants her in his life, even giving her a second chance at being his lover.
There is a cliff-hanger ending to this one, which is in keeping with the first novel and how it plays out is anyone’s guess. Keep your eyes peeled for the third instalment is all I will say.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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