Review: Frosted by Wendy Sparrow

frosted wendy sparrowHero: In Jack Frost’s kingdom he is all powerful and he loves bringing winter to Earth. When a prophecy led him to a lake to wait for his future queen, he was calm and expectant. When Kate fell through the ice and into his world, he was pleased and excited, but he came on too strong, too fast and lost her.

Heroine: Kate Finley used to love the winter months and all the winter activities that came with it. But seven years ago that changed and now she lives in Florida and tries to never leave the sunny state for any reason. It’s too bad for her that her boss expects her to hop on a plane to cater to a new client interested in snow skies… and the client? Jack Frost, whose myth was larger than life, whose myth would eventually claim her life too.

Review: One word: underwhelming. I know, ouch, but I was excited to read this and the potential was there. The story didn’t meet expectations. The silent frost pixies, isolated world, what would be the draw to become the queen? Jack wasn’t enough of a reason. He didn’t make the heroine (or me) feel like he was everything, sun and moon, etc. Both characters could have been fleshed out more. I felt like I was reading a plot/character synopsis instead of the full story. Too much tell, not enough show. The cover, however, is simply gorgeous. Wow! Also, I really liked the explanation of global warming. That was really clever.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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