Review: Ghost Seer by Robin D. Owens

Title: Ghost Seer*
Author:  Robin D. Owens
Series: Ghost Seer, #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Berkley
Format: ebook
Date/Year: April 1, 2014
Reviewed by: ElaineReads  


*This book was provided to reviewer by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Summary from the publisher:

There’s just something about Clare. Apart from the ghosts……

When her eccentric aunt passes away, no-nonsense accountant Clare Cermac inherits more than just a small fortune. She receives the gift of communicating with ghosts. While Clare may not believe in spirits, it’s hard to overlook the shadowy talking dog appearing on her bed or spectral cowboys tipping their hats to her in the streets of Denver. And when she locks eyes with sexy—and living—Zach Slade, there’s certainly no ignoring him either.

A former deputy sheriff, Zach is leaving a painful past behind in Montana for a new life in Denver as a private investigator, a job that has him crossing paths with beautiful Clare. Not that she minds. After the restless ghost of a Wild West gunman demands her assistance, Clare finds herself needing Zach more and more—and not just for help.

My Musings:

I am no stranger to the writings of Robin D. Owens.  I discovered her Celta series several years ago and absolutely love them.  Her “fams” in particular are wonderful.  I was delighted to discover she was starting a contemporary series with GHOST SEER.

Clare was thrilled to inherit a fortune, including a beautiful old home, from her weird Aunt Sandra, but was not happy at all when she found out there was a catch.  Along with the money came a gift . . . the ability to see and interact with ghosts.  Clare is an accountant.  She is very practical and rational.  She does not believe in ghosts!  Unfortunately, this is not a gift that can be returned.  If she does not help the ghosts “cross over,” she will either weaken and die or go insane.  She is trapped!

Zach is an ex-cop, but only because he was badly injured in a shooting and unfit for active duty.  He does not want to be a private cop because he has always served the public.  He doesn’t want to only help people who can pay for his help. Oh yeah, he doesn’t believe in ghosts either.  So, of course, they meet and are immediately attracted to each other.  Clare definitely needs Zach’s help, but he’s not sure he wants to get involved with a crazy woman.

Zach and Clare are obviously the main characters, but my favorite character is Enzo – a ghost dog that used to belong to weird Aunt Sandra.  His purpose is to help Clare learn her new job of ghost seer.  That’s when he’s not chasing squirrel essence in the park of course.

I loved this book and cannot wait for the sequel, GHOST LAYER to be released in September.  My only criticism is I thought the sex scenes (and they were really good sex scenes) went on too long.  I was ready for the plot to move on.


Overall: 5 stars
Sensuality level: 3

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