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hunterReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Tatyana Petrova is having trouble with her car. She’s stuck on a mountain road on New Year’s Eve. Annali Templeton seems to be writing in a notebook and Ryce Champion is trying to drag her attention away when Hunter Finn arrives.

Hunter finds out that a friend has seriously been hurt. And then they meet for the first time. After they meet, the action begins. It’s a story of warlocks and witches – one is good and one is evil. It’s also about family and Jacquelyn has you feeling as if you are a part of that family. We also get to see the building of heat between Tatyana and Hunter.

As I read Jacquelyn’s descriptions of her characters, the story plays in my mind as if I’m in the theater watching a movie. To me, this is one thing that makes a great book. As I read, I have music playing and I see the scenes and characters starting to materialize. One of the female characters I can picture being played by Kat Von D – the minute you’re introduced to her you just might feel the same. One of the male characters I can picture being played by David Navarro – again, I’m sure you’ll feel the same.

Jacquelyn is also good at teasing her readers. You can just about see the sparks flying between Hunter and Tatyana and then Jacquelyn pulls them back. She does this several times but this is what keeps you riveted. I had a very hard time putting this book down – I got this book finished in just over a day (the witches had me bewitched). I had to know if I was just going to feel the heat or was I going to see what we all want to see. Plus who wins the fight – good or bad.

I was disappointed to find that I finished the book – no, there has to be more! Then I was disappointed even more when I couldn’t tell that there is going to be a sequel or that there wasn’t a book one. She will have a new book coming out in September (writing as Jax) but I don’t see that it has anything to do with the Willow Coven. The only thing I can suggest is keep an eye on her web site,, to see if she posts anything.

Rating: ★★★★½

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