Review: Kate’s Journal: The First Entry by Cotton Nightie

kate's journalReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Kate has waited long enough for the man of her dreams, and twenty years is pushing it a bit far. John, a cousin of hers comes to visit her one Christmas and she sees him for what he really is – a handsome man who she has unwittingly fallen for. However, her love and affection for him isn’t what the rest of her family want, and as a result she manages to offend her mother in the process. And to add insult to injury, she has to decide between keeping her best friend or losing the love of her life.

Review: Chick Lit comes in many guises and this one runs along similar lines to the ones you might have already read, The Blog Affair by Alissa Baxter could be one example. This story is more a case of decisions, decisions for Kate, and they are the sort she doesn’t want to make. The story is easy to read and fun, with some decent humor and conflict in it. Like most Chick Lit, this has its fair share of sexual scenes in it – steamy? Well, you’ll find out when you read it, but it is fair to say that Kate isn’t short of affection throughout the book. Being a woman who has never previously had an amorous encounter with a man, she is definitely making up for it here.

Good bits:

  • It’s funny and witty and entertaining

Bad bits:

  • Kate’s Journal isn’t a journal at all…shame
  • The story drags on for too long – less is always more
  • Certain things could have been left out of the book

Summary: When there is a lot of Chick Lit about, what can you decide on reading? It is a big enough decision when you go into a bookshop ( a rare thing these days) but even worse when you have the opportunity to look through the listings of them for Kindle and iPad etc. I for one would recommend this book purely on the fact that it’s a good bit of escapism you can’t do without. People work hard enough these days, and they need their CL fix to get them through the night. I liked how easy to read this was, even though it isn’t a journal. The way Cotton Nightie tells the story is just what us gals want to curl up with for our bedtime read.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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