Review: Lady Vivian Defies a Duke (Beau Monde, Book 4) by Samantha Grace

lady vivian defies a dukeHeroine: Lady Vivian Worth refuses to be held to the standards of proper etiquette when nobody is around to witness her behavior. This lands her in hot water when a stranger finds her swimming in her chemise. Of course, it is not just any stranger but the right-hand man of her finance. She must now convince him she is a properly behaved bride-to-be and hope he will not tell the Duke of Foxhaven otherwise. Maybe if she can make him believe the stranger he met by the water wasn’t her! Yes, that sounds like a plan.

Hero: Luke Forest, the Duke of Foxhaven, is not supposed to be visiting his bride-to-be, but his steward. However, an attack of conscious bid him to come and explain to his fiancée that he can’t marry her… in person. The woman he meets at the water ends up being the woman his late father betrothed him to and she is a hoyden! His plans for his life rapidly take a turn toward the marriage mart, but he tries to set her up with another man despite his growing he-man inclinations to claim Vivian for himself. Eventually, he can’t imagine her marriage with anyone but him…

Review: This book is funny and cute with lots of mix-ups and outlandish behavior abound! I love how Luke defends Vivian to her hometown at the picnic and partners with her even when he is inclined to break their engagement. He can’t picture her wedded to any gentlemen but himself, because all others would seek to crush her spirit, a spirit he greatly admires. He struggles with the love he’s rapidly falling into and while the waters are tricky, they are worth it. Vivian knows this is her last chance, because of the position she was caught in before with a stableman. She sees Luke’s request as a challenge to change his mind and the more she gets to know him the more she wants this betrothal to stick. A series of mishaps and the machinations of a few characters almost break apart the romance, but luckily both characters know what their love is worth! No long drawn out misunderstanding here!

Rating: ★★★★½

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