Review: Michael’s Angel (Friendship Heirlooms, Book 2) by Karen Weisner

michael's angelReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: The angel in this story is Michael’s next door neighbour, LeeAnn Wagner. Since he was a child, he has been told that he is will never amount to anything in his life, and certainly not when he grows up, but how long can a man who was originally unwanted by his mother go on believing in what she said – surely it can’t control a man’s life. LeeAnn can understand what Michael is going through as she has had a similar childhood where she was at the mercy of parents who were always fighting around her. LeeAnn can soothe his worried heart and help heal his past, but only if he lets her inside.

Review: Michael has been pushed round almost every foster home in the land, and hates the feeling of being with a family, yet also being alone as they will never understand him or make him feel as though he belongs with them as part of a family. His life with his foster sister, Eliza has gone beyond what he thinks is tolerable, and feels it is time for him to move on with LeeAnn in order to make a life for himself, one he will be comfortable with. Though he is given the chance of living a good enough life with her, he does the one thing no one expects and leaves her for the armed forces, as he can’t control the love he feels for her, and finds it might consume her. Although he has found Christ, and felt better about his decision, he still feels like a coward for not giving himself the life he should have had with her.

Michael has been manipulated most of his life since he has been with Eliza, and now he has a life of his own, but he still feels incomplete without the woman he loves. In this novel he is constantly torn between his love for her, and his own need to be apart from her. This is enough to cause anyone to be unsure of their life, and as he has had the worst possible life as a young man, he believes he has done the right thing, even though his heart tells him otherwise. Readers will spend most of the novel wondering whether they will get back together at all, and if they do whether it will be a fairytale ending, or only an amicable one. Karen Wiesner is a true romantic whatever she writes, so I couldn’t imagine she would disappoint readers by giving it an okay ending.

Juicy bits:

  • Michael leaving his blackmailing foster sister.
  • The story is well paced.
  • Readers can get into the minds of the characters.
  • If you are a Christian and a romantic at heart – this is the book for you.
  • Readers will like the reference to why the Heirlooms series is called that.

Bad bits:

  • Michael leaving LeeAnn for a long time – it’s not good, dammit!

Why we liked it: Karen Wiesner always puts plenty of soul and heart into her novels and stories, and she has excelled with this one about two people who should be together – but aren’t.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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