Review: Polished by Alyssa Turner

polishedReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Spencer Hartley is every woman’s dream, a daredevil of a man, he climbs mountains, blows stuff up and does other things that many might shy away from, but even though he loves his girlfriend Rory a great deal, he has never told anyone that he also has another side to his sexuality – he secretly yearns for a man to share some time with, and he finds the truth about his inner nature as disturbing as it gets.

Jack Rothman on the other hand works for his fathers engineering firm, and after a long day there, he finds he enjoys illicit sex with any man who stirs his insatiable male libido, but none of the guys who get into his bed fulfill him, and he soon tires of his sex life until he meets Spencer purely by accident in a flooded subway tunnel one night, and they need each other to keep from certain death. Once he’s been around Jack a while, he finds he wants to be around him more and explore his gay side with him, and as if from heaven, Rory takes in what he tells her, and she tells him she wants to spend the night with the two of them.

Good bits:

  • The steamy sex scene between Rory and Spencer nearly 20 pages in – sizzle!
  • When Jack and Spencer get talking about their lives and Spencer tells him about Rory when they are trapped underground. It’s a scene that can really choke you up.
  • While everything seems perfect in Spencer’s life, Jack feels he wants things he can’t have, and that comes through in the dialogue between him and Spencer – it seems money really can’t buy good company after all.

Bad bits:

  • Too much rock climbing!

Review: You can see that Spencer loves Rory a lot, and she dotes on him, hating the fact he has to be away from her for long periods of time due to his rather demanding job. She tries to make him happy and when she gets the opportunity, she will go on trips mountain climbing just to feel like he does, but he knows there is something missing in their relationship, and that’s Jack Rothman. You might be forgiven for thinking that he should be happy. He isn’t like a lot of other people who are single and can’t find that certain someone that makes them smile or is great in bed. Spencer is a very lucky man to have Rory, and some might think he is being selfish for wanting to have someone else in their relationship. Then again, the whole point of this novel is that they are having a ménage, and it is one that has a nice build up to it, and I, like many women out there like the idea of two men having some fun together.

Spencer and Jack are two different people who see things the same way, even though Spencer is in a good relationship with Rory, Jack is bored with his one night stands with either men or women, the women he thinks are worse as they see dollar signs every time he gets with them. He is a man who feels unfulfilled, and needs someone as a distraction from all that is wrong in his life.

Summary: Polished by Alyssa Turner delights in teasing and pushing two men together who might not have had the chance to be together if they hadn’t worked in the same place. Jack, Rory and Spencer get on very well in this story, and that’s when the steamy rating goes up to a sizzling five.

Rating: ★★★★★

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