Review: Revealed (The Entwined Series, Volume II) by Joy Daniels

revealedReview by Lynn Reynolds

This is a new type of book that will have you going back for more – it’s interactive. There are four stories to choose from. But I warn you, unless you have no feelings these stories are going to get your blood flowing – and possibly other things as well. And even your partner may benefit. You may want to read in bed, or other comfortable spots, but you definitely won’t need a fire – this will get you plenty warm enough.

This book’s main character is Rachel Carter and she works at the museum of Erotic Esoterica in New York City. This book is about her adventures by four great authors. This is where you can become adventurous – which story will you choose first? Are you one that’s going to read each story in order or you tempted and you’ll read them out of order. I was adventurous and I mixed up the reading order.

Unmasked by Joy Daniels

This is told in the first person.

In this particular story, Rachel is taking the reader on a journey. The museum is throwing a masquerade. Joy also gives you a mini lesson on masks – I found it interesting. This story makes me realize that we get the spoils of all the hard work an author goes through to get a book as accurate as they can.

This particular masquerade has some interesting items from the museum – what an adult Halloween party this would be. If you want to feel as if you’re a part of the party, I would put on some pop and swing music and maybe change your lighting a little (if you’re reading at night time).

Our thrills begin when Rachel ends up with a dance partner. If you follow “Dancing With The Stars”, that may also help you get into the mood. And you’ll love that Joy feeds the fantasy of doing “it” with a stranger. She also reminds her readers that we sometimes don’t see what’s right in front of us and you have to be willing to take chances. When you read this, expect it to end on a sexy note.

Desire of the Flesh by A. Devlin

Rachel is talking with the museum’s curator Jackson. They make me glad that I don’t work there – I would never get any work done and I’d have to keep extra panties in my desk. Knowing that be careful when you’re in public – people will wonder why you’re flushed.

This tale is paranormal and it has some interesting toys. This is not a story to read if you are one that is “faint of heart”. It’s a wet dream come to life. This story is masturbation or role-playing worthy. It will push the boundaries of what you’ve ever dreamed about or are comfortable with.

Amongst all the sex, we also get a little mystery and suspense – you’re not shortchanged in any way. Plus, you won’t realize how quickly the pages go by. If you start your adventure with this story, you will not be disappointed but realize that there will be multiple partners. If you’re going through menopause, you can blame the flushes on hot flashes instead of what you’re reading.

Provenance by Debra Hyde

Boots seem to be the star in this tale. When you read, you may just want to go out and get your own pair. “In my day”, the boots that were considered sexy went up over the knee. BDSM is also a theme so don’t be shy.

Besides the boots, Rachel finds some photographs – would have loved some illustrations for this one. She has an agenda for part of an exhibit and it just happens to coincide with a personal agenda. One subject that this author covers has to do with Hitler and his treatment of some of the people of Germany. This story makes me wonder as to the amount of research that must have been involved in order to get some of the scenes correct.

Timelash by Lissa Trevor

This is a paranormal tale also told in the first person.

Rachel finds an interesting tablet. Doctor Hollander has a mission for her. What I loved about Lissa’s story is that it made me think of the movie “Flash Gordon” but with sex toys – I smell remake! Loved it (and I even put on some Queen music to read to).

This book is a voyeuristic tour into Rachel’s life told in four totally different ways. It will push your boundaries if you are willing to take the plunge. If you like to read erotica than you can’t go wrong with having this book in your collection. Whenever you pick this book up, you can read these stories in whatever order you wish – not something you can do with most books.

This book also makes you question on how adventurous you are. Would you ever go into an adult bookstore? Or even a sex shop? Would you purchase anything once you entered? Dance with a stranger? Would you get to know the stranger better or would you say “thank you” and then walk away? And where do you leave your “smut”? Out where others can see or hidden away?

I hope you will choose to get this interactive book and when you are finished, or even right now, stop over to and join this series web site. This is a book that you get your money’s worth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Rating: ★★★★★

Buy: Revealed, The Entwined Series: #2

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