Review: Sail Away With Me by Kate Deveaux

sail away with meReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Jody Carter lives in a seaside town with her son of twelve years and her recently widowed father. Ryan, her former college beau had been the man she thought she would most likely settle down with, but it wasn’t to be. Now that she is divorced, her best friends try to get her to have some light-hearted fun with them to take her mind off things. Lauren, Cricket and Doreen set about taking Jody on a week-long Caribbean cruise on the Pearl of the Sea. When an incident sends Jody reeling before she gets on board, a celebrity takes her in his arms, saving her, and even though she can feel the connection they have, she has decided to avoid men on this cruise…but can she keep her word?

Review: Taggart Keith is a self-help guru everyone admires and recognises and has a deep interest in Jody once they meet. She feels the same for him after a while, but can’t get the thought out of her mind that he might fall out of love for her if he knew she didn’t fit in with his glitzy lifestyle; single mom in a small town might not keep his pulse racing enough for his liking. Jody has lived a normal humdrum life for too long and doesn’t know how to attract men into her life. At the time it isn’t what she wants, so she doesn’t realise she might be subconsciously pushing men away. As far as she is concerned she isn’t giving Taggart a come on, but he hopes she would find it in her heart to grow to love him as much as he could love her. Taggart might be the man for her, but she can’t help think he will tire of her once she isn’t as glamorous as he wants, but he isn’t what she thinks either and she might be in for a surprise.

Good bits:

  • Lauren, Cricket and Doreen interfering with her quaint life and taking her on the cruise – fantastic!
  • Jody’s reluctance to take a man into her life
  • Lauren getting Jody to show off her cleavage

Bad bits:

  • Taggart saying “so” when she told him she had a son while he was nursing a hard-on – not the sort of thing you’d say to woo a girl…

Final Thoughts: They have to stop bumping into each other on the cruise ship before he discovers she will fall for him. Her only drawbacks are that she can’t trust him to love her and his jet set lifestyle could ruin the normal everyday single mom life she has back home. Her friends just want her to have some fun on holiday, but Jody is serious about getting with a man she wants to stay with. She doesn’t seem to be interested in having a fling. Kate Deveaux can stun with this delicious tale of fun on the sea and the possibility of love too.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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