Review: She Likes it Rough by GVR Corcillo

she likes it roughReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Opposites attract, or at least that is supposed to be the theory, but how can Lisa Flyte change her lazy ways when she has lived a lifetime of sitting on the couch viewing life from through her TV set? There is only one thing that will serve to motivate her into action and that is Jack Hawkins, the hot guy from her MBA classes wants her to test out his new line of adventure gear – will she jump at the chance, or will she let her family walk all over her again?

Review: Lisa is a strange girl, she’s not used to social settings, so interaction is minimal as she has no self-confidence to speak of. This is not to say she hasn’t led an uninteresting life, according to the book at least, she has lost weight due to being in a coma from, strangely enough after a drive-thru fell on her, and has become rich from the cash she got from a settlement with the fast food company. Being shy and retiring isn’t what she wants to be and decides to enrol on a self-improvement programme she hopes will help her get out of her shell (which at the moment is wedged tight as a clam’s) She believes that extreme sports will shock her out of her reserved attitude and get her on the way to recovery – what she doesn’t expect is Jack Hawkins, owner of Into the Wild, a company that makes extreme sports gear for the novice and he wants her to be his test subject. I liked how Lisa was introduced to the readers in the novel as a person who seems to be afraid of everything, but who seems to rise from her fears and make a good go of her life. Her theatrics and the humor from them is exceptional.

Good Bits:

  • The famed dancing scene
  • How Lisa interacts with others – or doesn’t.
  • How we see the world from her perspective.

Summary: If readers have a sense of humor and like comedies they will feel they are in for a treat even when they read the blurb.

Rating: ★★★★½

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