Review: Sizzle by Katherine Garbera

sizzleReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Listed as a scorching hot sexy read, Sizzle has bakery owner Staci Rowland trying to show she is the best chef around, but when Cajun chef Remy Cruzel takes her eye, anything could happen.

Review: Staci bumps into Remy – literally and they don’t get off to a great start either even though they work together on TV show Premier Chef. Staci is the co-owner of Sweet Dreams, a cupcake bakery in San Diego and if she gets to win on Premier Chef, it means she gets a lot of money and the chance to get her own TV show, but Remy hides a secret from the rest of the contestants – will he win, or will the secret get out? You can tell Katherine Garbera has watched plenty of cooking programs in order to research her novel, and it shows in the setting and narrative. She knows about cooking and what it is like to be very good at it, and injects some good humor into a sizzler of a story. Though they are competing against each other, in the show they have to work together and try not to get in each others way.

Good bits:

  • Remy calls her “the cupcake girl,” she reminds him of the mouse Remy from the Disney movie Ratatouille…
  • She also calls him “southern boy,” which he hates.

Bad bits:

  • None I can come up with.

Final Thoughts: Remy and Staci can make a good couple but they have the ability to get on each others nerves if they get too close as they tend to tease and the conversations could get heated as a result – that’s why it’s called Sizzle – it’s not just a romance novel.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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