Review: Smokin’ Hot Firemen by Delilah Devlin

smoking hot firemenReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Well known as a bestselling erotic author, Delilah Devlin has produced many hot novels. Shattered Souls, Cowboy Lust, Breaking Leather, Laying Down the Law, and Lone Heart are only a few of the books she is famous for. In Smokin’ Hot Firemen, Delilah gives us several stories of sensual guys who know how to help women in distress.

These are four of the stories that stood out for me in this book – I hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

1. Smoking Stilettos by Rachel Firasek

Derek and Matt are the best of friends and firemen, but when Matt’s wife, Red gets in the way and starts a commotion, they are the ones left to pick up the pieces of their friendship. Red takes his job seriously, always hating him coming home day after day telling her about his job, saving women and kids from burning buildings, seeing people burn, fall from high buildings, and worst of all the ones he needs to rescue dying on him. Each time Red hears what he says, it makes her feel as though one day she might get that dreaded phone call where she finds he’s died doing his job – this is what makes her mad, and that day, she was as mad as hell. You can understand why Red would feel the way she does in that situation as she never knows when he is coming back, and doesn’t want to feel the sense of loss from her losing him in a fire.

2. Hook Me Up by Adele Dubois

Lexi has a problem with her cat getting itself stuck up a tree, and as she falls trying to get her beloved cat down, she thinks no one will save her until she hears the masculine tones of someone there, ready to help her out – a fireman in full outfit looking amazing! Knox stares at her in total disbelief as he wasn’t expecting to see a naked woman as part of a rescue and sees her as more of a rescue fantasy from somewhere deep in his psyche. He tries to act the professional man he is, and push what he has seen out of his mind, but it isn’t easy to do when he is faced with a sexy lady like Lexi. It was interesting to see how Knox would handle helping her out, and still be a pro, and this answers all my questions about the classic cat up a tree scenario.

3. Lost and Found by Nanette Guadiano

Sometimes just being happy isn’t enough, and you get to your late thirties wanting more than just the comfort of a regular lover, friends around you and children, and the woman in this story feels that maybe she has to change her life before she gets too old to enjoy herself. In an effort to make that change, she sets about dumping her lover, Alejandro, quitting her teaching job, moving house and giving away her possessions she didn’t want. After a while she thinks doing this might be a bad idea, but she did want to change her life…didn’t she?
There are plenty of women like her, ones who are bored with the status quo, who want more from life, love and sex, but who don’t know how to go about getting it. At least in this, she does the right thing and for once starts to enjoy her life in a different way.

4. Temperature Rising by Cathryn Fox

Delilah Morgan hangs out at the Hose where the firefighters from station 419 come to take a break from their routine and the horrors they see while doing the job. She takes in the atmosphere of the place and the sight of three sexy pool players enjoying themselves, but these aren’t the ones who fuel the fire of her sexuality, it’s the man who comes through the door, Jonah who has everything in a man she could want.
Lots of women love dangerous men, and Jonah is one such man who lives dangerously. The spark is there, as is the mutual interest and when she thinks about it, she sees there is no use sitting there waiting for a man to come who is making her wait, and decides to take a chance on love. I couldn’t blame Delilah for getting off with Jonah as he’s the sort of drop dead sexy guy many would want.

Best bits:

  • Red throwing her stiletto in anger in Smoking Stilettos.
  • Lexi remembering she was wearing the lace thong and nothing to cover her boobs when she fell in Hook Me Up.
  • The heroine in Lost and Found meeting the man of her dreams in the most unusual circumstances.
  • Jonah from Temperature Rising – he’s a dream guy!
  • Some people have needs, and Jose and Isabella do in Unexpected Detour.
  • Addi gets a second chance at love after her former lover had died in a head on collision in Rescue Me.

Bad bits:

  • Some of the stories weren’t my style, even though I read them, but for the ones I liked – they rocked.

Summary: I found there were plenty of stories to get through and they all had their own take on the smouldering, sexy and unflinching firefighter. The firefighter is the one guy who is brave, macho, loveable and reliable, but who also has his own demons he has to wrestle with on a daily basis due to the dangerous job he does. I’ve marked out in detail my four favourites and to be honest, there were some really good ones so it was difficult for me to make the choices. Delilah Devlin knows how to pick some of the best writers in the business.

Rating: ★★★★★

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