Review: Summer Girl by Sophie Hill

sophie hill summer girlReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Slade Monroe is a womanizer who never likes to bed the same woman again – he has too many to choose from and they are all knockout beautiful, or at least they are in the beachside town of Hidden Cove, North Carolina. These women are wealthy and come from all over the place to see the sights they can’t at home. Slade hangs out in search of these women, and more often than not can have his pick and choose of who he wants.

That is until Heather Tremaine comes onto the scene. She is very different to the women he is used to getting with and as she is quiet, reserved and thoughtful, she piques his interest in more ways than he can imagine. She has her own story she keeps inside, and once he has got with her, he finds he wants to know more about her – more than she is willing to give.

Review: The story is told using the first person, and instead of having titled chapters, the name of the person whose thoughts are prominent is listed instead. From the prologue which tells of Heather Tremaine’s awful life with her family, and the leaving of the Rodriguez family shocks her into realizing that her father and mother are going through a tough period in their marriage they might not recover from. From the time the Rodriguez family leave, her father becomes a dark figure through the rest of her childhood, and through her mother’s reaction to him she learns not to trust others, building a barrier around herself. The first chapter is told through Slade’s thoughts as he sees the one woman who doesn’t belong at the Sand Bar. She isn’t a poor little rich girl, and not after a frat boy, so she interests him for being different. Slade is well known by all the girls he’s dated and has the reputation to go with being a womaniser. His only issue with her is he doesn’t do ‘nice girls,’ not when he’s used to getting his wicked way with so many bad ones.

Good bits:

  • The feeling Slade gets from seeing Rich leer at Heather when she first comes into the bar.

Bad bits:

  • None

Last Thought: This is good girl meets bad boy, but the two of them make each other better people. He gives her a chance at not being so shy with others, while she gives him the chance to be a better man who can love another without having one night stands. Summer Girl is a feelgood summer read – don’t forget that sun hat!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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