Review: The Atlantean Birthright by Toya Richardson

Toya RichardsonReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: When Dieter Yong mercilessly kills her parents, Freya Anders vows to kill him. Descended from Atlantis, she is an immortal, and the Atlanteans were after her powers the night they were killed. Hate and revenge foremost on her mind, Freya becomes trapped by Dieter, but she is kindly rescued by Armand De Silva. As she found his rescuing her insulting, she has to come to terms with her emotions for her if she wants to get her revenge on Dieter.

Review: At first it is Marcus who tries to protect Freya as she bears the genes that will mean the survival of their race. Dieter is the one who wants him to give her up, and shows how cruel, evil and destructive he really is. His taunts fall on deaf ears though as he will never divulge her name no matter what tortures he puts him through, and by the looks of things, Dieter has enough as some may even drain his power. It seems Dieter’s evil knows no bounds as he doesn’t just kill her mother, he rapes her and so do the men he has with him. It doesn’t go into great detail, but it is enough to give you the idea that Dieter is enough of a villain that when she does find him, you won’t mind her torturing then killing him. Armand De Silva works for the Seekers, the organisation Freya wants to get to for answers about her parents deaths, but what she doesn’t know is that the Seekers have been looking for Freya for years.

Freya thinks she will get to Dieter in time to kill him at his lair, the lap dancing club, Virgo’s, but she never thought she would be going right into his other trap. He realises instantly that she is innocent, naive and virginal, something which tempts and tantalises him in an instant. When Freya and Armand meet, she finds herself instantly attracted to him, but after what Dieter did to her mother, she can’t let her guard down around handsome men.

Good Bits:

  • There is a good reason why Paul Veron wants Freya brought back safely.
  • The villains are suitably bad, while even the good guys will go to great lengths to kill off the bad guys.
  • Dieter is the perfect villain.
  • Toya knows how to grip the reader and keep them reading right to the very end.

Summary: I enjoyed the thrill of Freya and Armand finally working together to bring down Dieter, but it’s a hard slog getting her to trust him, even though he already has an emotional interest in her. This is the sort of book you would read while on holiday as it has plenty of mystery and intrigue for in between you looking over at the sunny skies.

Rating: ★★★★½

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