Review: The Rebound Pact by Eliza Knight

The Rebound PactSynopsis: No strings, casual sex has always had its appeal for Holden and Gabrielle, but is this is the truth? They have both experienced massive breakups that have nearly destroyed them, and neither has decided to go for another meaningful relationship, so they both decide to do the sensible thing – keep on having no strings sex, making rules as they go along such as not falling in love. The only problem they have is that they both want more from each other than they can give, which annoys them to no end.

Review: The tag line for this novel is Just one taste is never enough…and in this case it’s true. The story starts with her waking up from a night of sex with a mystery man she later finds out is Holden, she vows she will never do anything like that again, but when she sees him by accident, she finds she can’t let him go. Now that he is the owner of a successful vineyard called Belle Ami, they can catch up where they left off. The memories of what happened that fateful night Holden made love to her have made her wiser, yet they haunt her as she had a large crush on him, and when she didn’t know it was him that night, it also made him think she was messing with his own feelings. Holden had always wanted to make love to Gabrielle, but one chance fumble in the dark can make a man wish he was with her again, even if he felt it would be unlikely. This is a live in hope kind of story, and even though the two of them have the Rebound Pact, they can’t ignore the love they feel for each other.

Good bits:

  • The wine tasting at the start – it smoulders.
  • Holden giving her the details of the Rebound Pact – it’s exciting.
  • Lacy, Holden’s ex calling him up – she’s got to be trouble!
  • Max – Gabrielle’s current boyfriend coming back, thinking there’s something going on with her and Holden.
  • Gabrielle’s wonderful supposed ‘gym workout.’

Bad bits:

  • None.

Summary: While Gabrielle regrets that night from the past and is still deeply hurt by her mother’s death, she is nervous around him when she sees him again, and it is obvious from her actions that she doesn’t want to be hurt by men again either. Holden can’t believe he has seen her at the vineyard’s shop, and wants to be closer to her than ever – he is impressed that she has grown up so well, but instead of regretting what happened before, he wants to set the record straight, and maybe see if she will grow to love him. This novel is for anyone who has ever been in a rebound situation, and knows what might happen.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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