Review: This Wicked Magic by Michele Hauf

This Wicked MagicReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Certainly Jones is a man trying to get back his life, but when the demons from his last quest are trying to stop him, he can think of nothing else than a female distraction. He has stolen from Daemonia, and has no doubt there will be consequences for what trouble he has caused.

Viktorie St Charles, or Vika as she’s known is a hunter of demons, weres and vampires, and having nearly had a one-night stand with a werewolf who got staked by a jealous vampire, she wonders if there are any good men out there.

Review: As Vika had exorcised one of his demons, he needs her help. This is the mysterious world of Nocturne Mills Boon romance. It is a darker fantasy where two worlds collide, the past and present, human and supernatural. Vika and her sister make sure no one human knows about the creatures that haunt the land. Jones is a very strong magic user but he has a sensitive side and he needs them to help him rid his body of inner demons. He has done wrong to others, but you get the idea he doesn’t deserve the pain he is experiencing.

Good bits:

  • Vika kneeing a vampire in the groin
  • Reichardt making his charming entrance and stripping Vika
  • The annual Witches Bazaar Spellcast and Cook-Off – you’ll want to hear more about that!

Bad bits:

  • None – I can see myself reading more from this author

Review: It is the setting and rich characters that make this such a fun novel, Libertie,or Libbie as she likes to be known is Vika’s sister who helps her with cleaning up the demons etc in the neighbourhood, Reichardt is a psychopomp, or soul bringer who takes demons from their body to purify them, and Cinder is Jones’s fire demon, a computer whizz who makes his life easier. A white magic user and a dark magic user are brought together but others get in her way. Michelle Hauf weaves a beautiful dark and memorable love story of a man who survived the horrors of Daemonia. This is one of my favourite books of the year and is going on my keeper shelf.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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2013 02 05 This Wicked Magic Hauf Michele Harlequin Mass Market Paperback

2013 02 05 This Wicked Magic Hauf Michele Harlequin Mass Market Paperback

US $5.98


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