Review: Thrown by Colette Auclair

Thrown by Colette AuclairReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: No one knows about horse riding like professional horse trainer Amanda Vogel. She has aspirations and the drive to want to win big competitions, even the Olympics, yet she has seen her best friend die in a tragic riding accident, and feels that she can’t go on. Unhappy with her lot and down on her luck, she has to take a job tutoring a movie star’s spoiled children to ride. For three months she has to endure tutoring Grady’s daughters, but what if nothing in her new life is what it seems?

Review: Amanda thinks she will hate her time there, but when Grady is different to how she imagined he would be, she finds she might be in for a better time. She is a woman afraid of what her new life will do to her dreams as she still has them even after what happened to her friend. As we all know, no one can stop us dreaming of making a fresh start, but for her they might never be more than just that.

Good bits:

  • Decent plot twists.
  • The romance edge to the story is rather interesting and captures the imagination.
  • Grady is more of a sensitive man than Amanda thinks at first.

Bad bits:

  • A bit too long of a read.

Final Thoughts: Amanda and Grady could be a great couple despite the trouble he is having with his daughters. Amanda soon realises they only need order to their lives and once they start on the right path, they will do well and shake off their troublesome nature. Despite everything, Amanda could still enjoy her life with Grady as he isn’t the hotshot he pretends to be, he’s a man with a softer side she likes. As the title suggests, Amanda is thrown into a life she never thought possible with a man she never knew until she looked beyond the man she worked for.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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