Review: To Catch a Princess (Gambling on Love, Book 2) by Caridad Pineiro

to catch a princessReviewed by Sandra Scholes

For the woman who has it all…or so it would seem. Princess Tatiana does have it all, wealth, family and a career, but she has remained unmarried for a while, and to her horror, her parents have decided to arrange a marriage for her to another royal. She sees it as an affront on her modern ways, but her parents see otherwise. A jewel thief is roaming around and threatens to ruin any plans she has for her exhibition.

The story starts with the jewel thief pulling off a Mission Impossible style deal with a top banker. It’s easy for Shea posing as Mr Smith to interact with him, and even gets another job for being so good at getting him what he needs. The next job he does will be high profile with lots of celebrities, rich and royalty attending so it is sure to get in the news if he performs the heist the way he wants it. The reason Shea is doing this job is he wants to settle down and change his ways – even thieves need to live a normal life some time, and with the money he would get from this heist he will be able to retire for good.

The Prince’s Gamble (Gambling on Love #1) was the first book in this series but to be honest it can be read as a stand alone novel rather than a continuation, and this I think is rare considering how much stock is put on sequels to successful novels. In today’s times no girl wants to be married off to a perfect stranger, so I could feel how bad this would be for Tatiana to bear as she only wants an ordinary life where she can live it without any interference from others. In this case who can blame her for having this feeling as it’s not everyone who wants to be a fairytale princess living the high life with endless dinners and knee deep in jewels. Tatiana being an ordinary girl is what is part of the magic of this novel, as she comes across as honest and appreciative of others being around her, but only for the right reasons.

Peter is her assigned body guard, but she longs for a time when her family aren’t meddling in her life, and she can settle down with the man she wants to be with rather than being married off to make them happy.

Caridad is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling paranormal and romantic suspense author who wrote her first novel while in the fifth grade. Since then she has been writing until her first novel was released back in 1999. Over ten years later, she is still writing some of the most fun and engaging novels when she isn’t an attorney and wife and mother, not to mention fashionista.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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