Review: Two Friends and a Bartender by Harley Baker

two friends a bartenderReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: Sarah Ford thinks Norman Tuttle loves her, but it seems she doesn’t love him in return. He comes from a good background, and her parents like him so there should be no problems, but little by little she finds that she wants more from her life than settling down to marry someone who doesn’t gel with her sexually. Along with her friend, Rita they set out to lure hunky Latino bartender, Miguel Barrientos into their lives for some sexual satisfaction – something Sarah has never felt.

Review: As Norm is boring in the bedroom, she forgoes her planned dinner with him to instead go to Buddy’s Bar Grill with Rita, her best friend, hoping it will liven up their night. She instead gets more than she thinks with the naughty and desirable Miguel. The story is split up into six chapters plus a biography on the writer. As it was a short story, I thought Harley split it up well by using the chapters. This is a steamy read about a woman who wants more from her life than a boring man who is soon to be her husband – if she wants it. It seems she doesn’t as he is too perfect for her, and in her desperation, she feels she might need a rough man who can show her a good time. Miguel is certainly that. Even when she is having thoughts about Miguel, she has to consider why she wants to throw away a perfectly good life for a fling she might soon regret.

Good bits:

  • Raise Your Glass by Pink is playing in the bar!
  • Sarah is finally having some fun with her friend
  • It’s a very short but steamy read – the sort of thing you’d read while you’re in a waiting room or a queue!

Bad bits:

  • Sarah’s family likes Norm too much so leaving him might not be such an easy task
  • Norm has made Sarah into a boring person she finds she doesn’t like.

Final Thoughts: After their night with Miguel, Sarah finds he has done things for her that Norm would never have contemplated, but was she so love and sex starved from the beginning? The way the story is set out would have you believe it, but it depends on what you think. It’s a nice read by an upcoming erotic author and to be honest I would read more from the same author.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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