Review: Warlock Masters by Domingo Rhodes

Warlock Masters by Domingo RhodesReviewed by Sandra Scholes

For a short story collection, this has to be one of the shortest I’ve read in the past few months, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that these are very well-written and extremely erotic. There are four in this anthology:

  • Alias Love
  • Big Puerto Rican Brazillian German Cock Summer
  • Beautiful Sadist
  • I’d like Me Some-a That

As you can see, the titles aren’t that imaginative apart from Alias Love and Beautiful Sadist, I suppose. And if you had randomly picked this book off a shelf, with the title of Warlock Masters staring you in the face, you would think of some fantasy stories – oh, wait a second – it is fantasy.

Good points:

  • There is a honesty to Domingo Rhodes’s work, and it’s in his characters and the feel of the stories.
  • They are well written and not just erotica; they are erotica with real stories attached to them.
  • The writing is fresh and comes with some excellent dialect!

Bad points:

  • The story titles aren’t that imaginative.

Alias Love: The hero of this story is in love with a girl called Valerie and a guy called Valmon at college, and confessing his love didn’t go down too well with Valerie, as she didn’t talk to him again, but Valmon did later, even though he wasn’t comfortable with his confession. He is an incubite-succubite warlock of the left hand path (try saying that after a few daiquiris) and this particular story is about his life and how unhappy he is with it. He tells the tale of how he got to become the way he is now, and it’s an explosive world of drugs, sex and death – enjoy!

Big Puerto Rican Brazilian German Cock Summer: Two guys are enjoying their own company in this one, a Brazilian and a German. He keeps referring to him as “bottom boy,” but likes the heat of this fun union. Both men sound sexy and hot.

Beautiful Sadist: Ciro doesn’t know the truth of who his lover is, only that he is a ravening male always after his body daily. He wonders what he would do if he found out he was a goat-man, a satyr from a whole tribe of them – well readers get to find out if they read it. This, like the second one gets straight to the sex, but it’s a good thing as this is one of the hotter stories in the book.

I’d like Me Some-a That: Tatum and Caine get up to no good at Chuck’s apartment, but that’s half the fun of this story where Caine learns what discipline is in the realm of BDSM. There is some fun character interaction in here, and it’s just as good as the rest.

Review: These stories are all about dominance and submission in all kinds of different ways, and every one of the stories is very readable, and intoxicating, which is just what you want when you curl up in bed with a book like this. It is recommended for all fans of gay male erotica and one that can be read again and again, at least in my humble opinion.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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