Review: While You’re Away (Part I) by Jessa Holbrook

while-youre-away-1-jessa-holbrookReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Tricia Patten is having a party. Sarah Westlake and her boyfriend Dave Echols are the entertainment. If you want to be part of the party, put on some of your favorite music. You’ll find it to be very interesting. It had me thinking “Animal House” that includes have a senior hottie, Will Spencer. What’s a young woman supposed to do?

The reader is let into Sarah’s life. She’s a musician but also a young woman who doesn’t know what she wants to do. But in order to find that out, you will need to read part two. This seems to be like a soap opera for teenagers. I thought this first part was very sweet and if you like your YA’s sweet, you will want to make sure to read this one. Especially if you want to know where Jessa plans on taking her readers next.

Having a book as a serial is a great idea. People’s lives are so busy now a days that most of us only have a little time in order to read. If you can spare an hour or two at a time why not spend that time reading Jessa’s book. Adults like young adult books too so if you read this you may find yourself reminiscing. If you talk to your teenage daughter about what you read just remember they never seem to think that we were ever their age and going to a party? – mom!

Rating: ★★★★½

Buy: While You’re Away Part I: Our First Encounter

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