Review: White Trash Damaged (White Trash Trilogy, Book 2) by Teresa Mummert

white trash damagedReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Cass Daniels is telling the reader her story (first person) – this is the second part. After reading the Prologue, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a series that must be read in order. It’s the appetizer and the rest of the book is the main course.

Tucker White seems to be Cass’s white knight or is he? Teresa gives her readers characters that aren’t anywhere near perfect. Readers can identify with them better when they aren’t so picture perfect. We seem to always root for the underdog – and most of us aren’t perfect either.

With Tucker’s profession, I found that I wanted to listen to some of his music. If you go to our author’s website, and scroll down about half way, you will find a playlist. Before you start reading this book, make note of the music so you can listen while you read. Teresa must have done a lot of research in how a band functions while on the road or at the very least what they’re like at a concert. Either that or she has a great imagination.

One reason I know for sure that this trilogy must be read in order is because of the twins. If you haven’t read book one either, and like me want to know more about the twins, we’ll want to read White Trash Beautiful and see if we can get some information. I’d be interested to know what Teresa has in store for them in book three.

I found this a hard book to put down. Cass is a woman that you can relate to – her life has not been easy. Our author doesn’t glamorize the life of an up and coming band traveling around doing concerts either. It’s a tough life for all concerned. As fans, you only see what the people want you to see. Some things are kept private. But our author shows that they’re human just like you and me. We also never think about their manager – all a fan wants to hear about is the group’s music. And then there are times when we get too much information – think of what’s been happening in the media lately.

This is a story about real life. Books can’t all be about a couple being lovey-dovey and have sex on almost every page. If it were, you wouldn’t want to read it. We want something that is going to hold our attention from beginning to end and something that will tug at the heart.

Once you get to the ending, you will find that it sets you up for the final book in this trilogy – titled White Trash Love Song. It’s scheduled to come out in April 2014. I like to read in both e-book and paperback but I personally enjoyed this in the paperback format. You will also be happy to know that this book is available as an audiobook. So if you don’t have time to read, you can at least listen. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Rating: ★★★★½

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