Review: Wit Awakening by Maria Violante

wit awakeningReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Synopsis: We have all seen androids in movies and in popular literature, so what happens when an entity known as a Wit female submits to De Leon who wants to have her fight for him in his dangerous arenas. She is called Leah, and is as beautiful as she is dangerous – though she is completely subservient to him, she will always do as he says and take any advice he gives her – he can also have her body and soul if he likes, and he likes her a lot. He is a part of the Copy Leagues who run a fighting organization for Wits who are genetically altered and technologically augmented people – they look as human as humans do, but their strength is amazing, as are their fighting skills. With a promising future ahead of him, De Leon might be able to break free of the organization which has kept him tethered for years, and take Leah with him so they can lead a normal life.

Juicy bits:

  • Readers learning about the Wit harems (for those who don’t want to have just one Wit!)
  • De Leon’s a passionate man, and it shows in the dialogue.
  • Though she is Jacob’s girl, Leah can’t stop thinking about De Leon and she wonders if it is just lust or…something else.
  • The DatPad – Leah wants to look at pictures – but not of De Leon…of course.

Bad bits:

  •   There is a lot of techno babble, but if you like that in your sci-fi novels, then you won’t mind.

Review: I liked that Leah became more than just a fighter, a play thing for man to use as they wanted, as De Leon wanted. She questions her form of humanity even though she knows she isn’t fully human, she was grown in a tank not in a womb, so there are many prejudices against her kind. She could have been made into a bland character, but Maria has turned her into more than a thought of some creator. Human fighters are termed Born, and she is as close to Born as they get, and not many can tell that she is a Wit as she hides it well to the point that even she seems to have human desires. When confronted by the other Wits in the house with Jacob at the start, she sees how far she has come in terms of being closer to human than they, and hears the derogatory language he uses in front of the other Wits that makes her also realize people’s prejudice against non- fully humans. Leah has trouble with accepting De Leon as the new man in her life after Jacob was her only handler and the only one she ever conversed with, but readers won’t mind waiting for the sex in this either as Maria slowly gives us the reasons for her thoughts and actions later in the story.

I found this to be a surprising and refreshing story once I got into it.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Buy: Wit Awakening (New Humanity, Book 1)

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