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Jilted Bride

Jilted Bride


Cheap Book of the Week: His Jilted Bride

Romance novel, His Jilted Bride, by best-selling USA Today author, Rose Gordon, is our cheap book of the week, selling for 99 cents when the rest of the books in the series sell for more than $4 each. With a series of 5-star reviews on Amazon, this Book is  #3 in the Banks Brothers’ Brides series.

 About the Book

Every bride’s worst nightmare, after dreaming of the special day for years, and then preparing for the actual day for months and months, is to have the groom go AWOL on the actual wedding day. This is what happens to Amelia Brice in His Jilted Bride. She waits for almost an hour and Hiram is nowhere to be seen.

Set in the Regency Era, the romance novel starts out on the heels of Book 2 in the series, His Yankee Bride, that focuses on John Bank. This story is about Elijah Banks who ends up saving Amelia’s wedding day.

Amelia is Elijah’s childhood friend and he’s bound and determined that her day isn’t completely ruined by Hiram that just jilted her. To save the day, he kidnaps Amelia and marries her so that she can escape the scandal and save her reputation. The complication is that they both hold secrets.

Book Details

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 424 KB
  • Print Length: 236 pages
  • Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
  • Available: Amazon

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